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ARTIST: Brenda Sherburn LaBelle



Sculptures, Assemblages, Montages

Hummingbird Specialist

If you like exploring the visual arts, especially sculpture you might find some interesting ideas here. I also have two large pollinator gardens planted and the irrigation system is in. My husband and I put in a huge hedgerow spanning the fence-line on the north side of the property. We also put up several bluebird houses. My studio is now up and running with electricity and running water! All sculpture gardens are full of pollinator plants. My husband and I are accomplishing this mostly on our own, a little bit at a time. If you’d like to come visit, give me a call. 





Yampa is the Paiute word for an edible tuber that provides nourishment. The wild tuber still grows in the surrounding hills here. It was an important food source for the Northern Paiute living in this region and could be eaten raw or cooked. It was also dried and stored to eat during the long hard winters. Like the wild tuber provides food for the body, we believe, art provides nourishment for the soul.


Yampa Path
will cultivate a place for enjoying sculpture within nature. It also provides opportunities to experience the arts in profound and meaningful ways. “Yampa Path” walks at the northern edge of the high desert and grasslands of Surprise Valley surrounded by mountains… just beautiful. The Sandhill Cranes nest here in the spring and the views are quiet ones.


The Spiral Pollinator Garden with Sculptures will be a centerpiece to explore. Along the path will be large wedge-shaped gardens of pollinator plants for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. These areas will be endowed with sculptures casting back some other kinds of light to ponder within. The spiral path is a walk to breathe attention to our vulnerable pollinators. Our butterflies, our hummingbirds, our bees, and also our artists, all cross-pollinate ideas into our communities. Anyone can walk the path and hopefully learn that beauty inspires life. I am an artist and I am designing the path. I am hoping the path will connect people to their own journey and help them find some solid ground inside themselves. When you walk the path here, the hummingbirds will be your guide, the butterflies will test your benevolence and the bees will sound your mantra. This is my vision.



Ultimately, my job as an artist is to nurture the artistic experience. So I deliberately create impulses of light and textural surfaces to draw you into the core of my work. I hope you can take a moment; linger here, leave inspired.

I believe Art is magical. Art can create new paradigms that can help all of us make better choices in our lives.
This is how I think; what I do; who I am.


The invisible bubble is what I call the state of mind that you experience when viewing a work of Art. Our existing cultural threads that help us through unfamiliar experiences are so frayed in our society that very often knowledge comes to a dead-end, rather than be woven into a new layer of experience.

Art can help mend those frayed threads. Art is vital part of culture. Like bubbles touching and forming interlocking spheres shades of new colors are illuminated and we become connected.

As an artist I ask you, please, protect this process and give voice to the Arts.


Petroglyphs Before the Paiute, there was a more ancient nomadic people living here we know very little about. We see evidence of them throughout the landscape painted on rock walls and overhangs. The images are fading away. We want to honor these people by reproducing some on these images on cornerstone-markers along the path.



The entire area is a historic treasure, cradling part of the old wagon train route that cuts across the Great Basin stretching through northwestern Nevada to the edge of northeastern California, arriving at the unexpected grassy meadows and hot springs of Surprise Valley. This was a resting place for the early settlers before attempting the treacherous Fandango Pass over the Warner Mountains.

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