Click below on icons to get more information about the different kinds of exhibition spaces available. To apply, click on provided link for instructions. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

🌀 Unbounded Splendor 🌀 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Temporary Display Your Burning Man Sculpture Here❗️ All sculptors participating in Burning Man are welcome to come and share your magic at Yampa Path 🌀

Open to any artist participating at Burning Man. Artists interested in showing their work must transport and set-up their work here in Fort Bidwell, California after Burning Man event. For more information email me: brenda@yampapath .com

Burning Man Sculptors are welcomed to temporary display there work in our field after the Burning Man event. Please, email me if you’re interested. For more information email me: brenda@yampapath


Native American Artists / Outside Sculpture

Native American artists are always welcomed to display outside art work for people to enjoy. Just give me a call.

Native American Artists / Outside Sculpture

Eco-Art Retreats at Yampa Path

An artist retreat at Yampa Path is a chance to spend focused time in an inspiring environment to develop meaningful creative work. Each participant rents a shared studio space for stays of two to four weeks. Residencies at Yampa Path are entirely self-directed, and self-catered. Our residencies are a rare opportunity to gather ideas, refine skills, research, experiment, grow and produce new work.

Residency Fee: Including board, shared studio space: $400 / wk & up, depending on the situation.

Which disciplines do the residences cater to?
Visual Artists- mostly sculpture⚒️ assemblage 🎨 collage types 🗺

Drawing 🖌

Textile Arts 🐑

Writers 📜 poets ✍️

Bird Illustrator 🦅

Anthropologist 🪬

For more information email me.

brenda@yampapath .com