❗🌀❗Under Construction at last❗🌀❗  We are pleased to announce that we are putting in the irrigation system for the pollinator hedgerows and spiral garden with the help of a small NRCS grant we received.  I have started over 200 milkweed plants ready to put in the ground in a few weeks.  The path will have a site-specific artwork, The Butterfly Sail.  It is a painted, four part triangular sail, straddled over the entrance of the path that symbolizes butterflies.

The centerpiece of YSPS is the Sprial Path with sculptures and pollinator gardens.  Along the path will be large wedge-shaped gardens of pollinator plants for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. These areas will be endowed with sculptures casting back some other kinds of light to ponder.  The spiral path is a walk to breathe attention to our vulnerable pollinators.  Our butterflies, our hummingbirds, our bees, and also our artists who cross-pollinate ideas into our communities. 

Anyone can walk the path, hopefully learning that beauty inspires life.  I am the founder of Yampa Sculpture Path & Studio, but first of all, I am an artist.  I am hoping this place will attract more artists, connecting them to their own journey and finding some solid ground inside themselves for soulful utterance. The hummingbirds will be your guide, the butterflies will test your benevolence and the bees will sound your mantra.

We’ll be opening We hope in the Fall. Until the pandemic peters out it’s by appointment only.  Please respect social distance.  Everyone working at YSPS is vaccinated.  So hope you come visit us.


Article and PhotoPainting by Artist, Sherburn LaBelle