The above photo is a study for the wing sails that will be at the entrance of the ”Spiral Path Walkabout Project” that will have colored, triangular sails forming a gateway that symbolize flying butterflies. Along the spiral path will be pollinator plant gardens for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  In the center of the spiral will be a transitional, metaphorical sculpture. This is the inspriration of sculptor, Brenda Sherburn LaBelle who is applying for funding to complete the project. Natasha Dene’ Brewer, Specialist in Native Cultural Traditions & Artisan will also be helping with the painting and design for the ”Butterfly Sails”.

”Spiral Path Walkabout Project” has 3 distinct parts:

Part 1. “Butterfly Sails” will be the gateway for visitors to walk under entering the spiral-path.

Part 2. The pollinator garden areas are located along & throughout the spiral path. Volunteers will be needed to help plant in early spring.

Part 3.  At the center of the spiral will be a stone sculpture called, “Metamorphosis” 

We are happy to sound off that the contours for the spiral path have been established and will soon be covered with the red gravel from a local quarry off Barrel Springs Road.  This Fall, we hope to create the large wing-like sails stretching above, across and along the corridor of the pathway. These sails will be dyed, depicting patterns of butterfly wings. The artist is researching grants to help pay the cost.

This Fall, we’ll be preparing the soil for the butterfly/bee/hummingbird gardens for early spring planting. We’ll be looking for more volunteers to help with this.  If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us. Thank you.