The Hummingbirds’ Gift, was published today!  It’s about my baby Allen’s Hummingbirds I raised a decade ago with Sy documenting it all with her keen eye and wit.  Here’s a quick quote from Sy Montgomery’s book about my sweet baby birds:

“This is the gift these [orphaned] baby hummingbirds [in our care] offer us: a hand in resurrection. Our lives do not stop for them; they begin again. Every 20 minutes, the birds’ appetites call us, from our busy to-do lists and packed schedules, back to life.”

At the beginning of the the book Sy interviewed me about YSPS’s Spiral Path 🌀 As she talks to me and says so nicely…

“One entire acre will be devoted to a particular pollinator garden that will be planted in a spiral. The idea behind it is, she (Brenda) explains…    “you spiral down the path, representing your inner journey accompanied by bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.”    What better creatures to accompany a person on an inner journey?”

Don’t you just love it❗🌀❗


To purchase Sy Montgomery’s book:

The H U M M I N G B I R D S’ G I FT