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June 24, 2020


~Facebook Birthday Fundraiser~

🌀Thank you 👏🏼 for your support🌀

*$550 Raised. 🥳😘💕




May 05, 2020 ~~~

Yampa Sculpture Path & Studio is participating in Giving Tuesday / Fundraiser Charity


Because of COVID19 we have postponed our official opening until next year, but decided to open free, by appointment only, allowing just a few people at a time to walk the path. Art has the gift of healing, calming the soul through hard times.

Please, donate to help us open. Giving Tuesday Fundraiser Charity

Thank you with ❤️

Our mission is to combine sculpture with nature to create inviting, captivating and sacred places for people of all ages. This is a place where sculpture can be seen within the natural environment. Please, donate to help us open. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

* $187.42 Raised. Thank you 🙏 

March 18, 2020 ~Because of the COVID19 virus, we have postponed many of our plans for this summer. We moved our official opening date to the summer of 2021. We are trying now to at least open, by appointment only, and will post an update about doing this.
We are planning to do some online fundraising when things get a bit better~

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