It’s been another hard year but through it all some good things did happened:

1. We bought and planted 21 trees on the property.
2. Established a small hummingbird garden.
3. Mel and Brenda visited Burning Man Office in Reno and talked to them about establishing a Annual Burning Man Sculpture Exhibit. We brainstormed on how we could accomplish this. And look forward to making it happen next year.
4. NRCS, National Rresource Conservation Society, only funded four projects in 2021. Yampa Sculpture Path & Studio caught their eye and rose to the top to be chosen as one of the four projects. They will be helping with the irrigation system and pollinator hedgerows.
5.  In May, Sy Montgomery’s book was published, The Hummingbird’s Gift. Sy, in the introduction, talks about the work we are trying to do here on the Yampa Sculpture Path as well as the hummingbirds.
6. Mel and Jason was able to level-out the top section of the spiral 🌀 pollinator garden 🌀 for easier walking. They also put in a couple steps to create a pathway connecting to the top of the hill.
7. Because of a generous donation we were able buy all the supplies for the “Butterfly Sails” and now just waiting for the irrigation dig to be finished so we can put them up at the entrance of the Path.
8. YSPS did have had some interesting visitors❗️Visitors are welcome by appointment only. We got enthusiastic birders, path-walkers and some artists. They all seemed to be impressed with what we are trying to do and made a donation with a promise to come back.
9. There is also an ongoing Go-Fund-Me fundraising drive for fixing up the old historic house on the property. Please donate:

COVID, again, is making it hard to do business. We might be hanging by a thread, but we are still here. We still believe ART can make a better world and should be strongly represented in all rural communities. We are a new nonprofit, this will be our third year. To qualify for most federal or state funding you have to be a nonprofit for at least two years. Hopefully, in the next round of funding we will get some support.