Call For Outside Sculpture: Children’s Sculpture Garden 

Sculptors are invited to submit a short letter of interest.  Email to:

  1. Plz, include your name, address, zip, phone number and website address. If you don’t have a website, attach three photos of the work you’d like to display.

  2. Importantly, put in subject area: Children’s Sculpture Garden.

  3. Please, tell me briefly a little bit about yourself and your work. (No more than a paragraph, or you can call or text me.)

  4. Have you worked with children with the arts before? (not necessary to be included, but if not, I’ll have to make sure we have extra volunteers if you decide to do a workshop)

No resumes or references. We would like to SEE your work, and if possible we will contact you for more information if needed.

~~Native American sculptors are encouraged to apply.

All sculptures must be unique, durable, and safe for viewing by the public in an unsupervised natural outdoor environment. Children should be able to touch the sculpture. The sculpture must be able to withstand extreme year-round weather conditions and tolerate strong winds. The work must also be for sale. The artist is responsible for the transportation, installation and removal of their work.

Who: Open to All Professional Sculptors / No students, plz.

Dates: Ongoing.

Location: Fort Bidwell, California 96112

Email to:   415 720 1435

Thank you for your interest.