As we slowly approach spring here in Fort Bidwell, we’re already making plans to save the old historical building on the property with a new roof and floor.

The property is referred to by the locals as the “Old Indian Property.” When the reservation was established and the government was closing the fort, it still owned parcels of lands associated with the old fort. So the land was divided up and given to Native American families.  The government built a small house on each parcel of land. Later on, most of these families sold their property to the local settlers. Most of the little houses were abandon or torn down.

Remarkably, the original house on the property still stands. I would like to preserve the integrity of the original outside design of the building and put up a plaque honoring the families that went through this heart wrenching time in our history.

Inside the building will be the ‘The Studio” space. It will be divided into three small spaces: the gallery, gift shop and meditation space. I hope to preserve the ambiance of the old inside, with streams of sunlight flowing through the building like a brief mirage into the past.

In a few weeks we will be doing a fundraiser to raise money to help with the costs but if you feel like helping out now, hit the donation button at the bottom of the page. Any support is greatly appreciated by us. Please subscribe to our website to see our progress.